Rails version 4.0 is now official! Nothing drastic, but it represents very important improvements, including:

  • Speed and process improvements for testing by combining the boot-up of Rails for all test suites; use of Minitest (it rocks),

I took some time off from Rails development to try out Golang (it rocks), but now I'm back on the tracks and am digging into Rails 4 beta fresh out the oven and Ruby 2 which coincidentally reached a production status. Here's a few items

After deciding to simplify my linode VM, I gave my LXC setup, however so incredibly cool, the end-of-life notice. The routing was a pain, and I decided to save some memory1 and go with the stock linode kernel to benefit from their

I've finally got Basic HTTP authentication working in a manner that is relatively secure, user-friendly, and has a logout.


This solution uses jQuery to send credentials supplied in an HTML for as a

I just read [Why I Program in Go][tahir] by Tahir Hashmi and really enjoyed it. It traces his path through Python, PHP, Java, C++ and now to Go, and some of his commentary echoed my own past (though my experience with Ruby sounds

I've been using Amazon's S3 (simple storage service) for a couple years and find it to be very useful. I've used it for serving static assets for some websites I run as well as storage for file backups.

For many moons I've been using vim and tmux with the desert theme, but things just didn't seem right, especially when I would try using zenburn. The colors were totally off.

I can't remember where I found the solution, but this is what's working for me:

Ember.js is the glowing spark of an old flame: SproutCore.


I explored SproutCore a few years back and found it impressive, but too far from my scope at the time. It came up again recently at a lunch with some of my co-workers when we were talking about open-source projects that hit bumpy road, and that was the last I heard of it, until recently when I tried Backbone.js. It didn't do quite what I hoped, so I did some research, found Ember and, it seemed, did. Lo and behold: its the burning chars of SproutCore!

There are a lot of interesting facets to Rails version 3+ that still have not come to the forefront - even though some folks are already using version 4-beta. Many of the facets involve the fact that engines are now “official”, but there are a lot of other cool innovations, like concerns, route constraints, responders, and… oh where to stop?

I'm trying out Mint 13 XFCE RC, and it looks really nice, but I'm stuck on the install, getting a json decode error.

I think it might it might be caused by a flaky internet connection, trying a workaround now.


I've been watching a lot online video lately, espectially TED (technology, education, and design) videos - they are very good quality! I've also been recording some short videos of my life to share with friends and family on social networking sites.

I've been working more git lately, covering at least the following items:

  • Gitolite
  • Git enrypt
  • Git annex
  • Bup

Here are my notes on each component:


I've been using Gitosis for awhile, and its fine. I decided to try Gitolite because it supports git-annex-shell, and I've been seriously getting into git annex after realizing it supports bup.

I've been wrestling with Gnome Keyring during the transition to Gnome 3 on Debian, and Ubuntu 11 (all with Awesome WM).

One interesting snag was the relocation of /usr/lib/gnome-keyring/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so to /usr/lib/pkcs11/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so.

Yikes! My dsa public keys stopped working today, and I found this murky error message in /var/log/auth.log:

gnome-keyring-daemon[1907]: unsupported key algorithm in certificate: 1.2.840.10045.2.1

I'm planning to use bup to make backups of vzdumps. Bup is a backup utility that build on top of git's awesomeness, so in some ways, its even more awesome.

I've got a couple components in place:

  • LVM2 snapshot powered vzdumps!

I've been doing a lot of work with my blogs lately. Like Docunext, I have many blogs published by MovableType, which I like, but have grown weary of. There have been some missteps on the part of Six Apart (in my opinion), like the

I've been working on Wikee a bunch lately, and today I'm converting the Informed Banking wiki to be in git format (a format that will roughly work with GitWiki, Ikiwiki, and Wikee).

I finally figured out how to setup acceptance testing in Rails3 with Rspec2, Capybara, and Devise!

It actually wasn't that hard, once I decided to manually login to create the user session instead of trying to use some magic sign-in method.

grep -r 'form_for' ./app/views/ | awk '{print "cat "$1 " | sed s/\-form_for/=form_for/g > /tmp/delme.txt && mv /tmp/delme.txt "$1}' | sed -E s/:\-?\ ?/\ /g > com.sh

I'm getting this odd “error” when trying a bundle install:

<NoMethodError: undefined method `yaml' for #<Psych::Nodes::Stream:0x9d78120>

Looks like the problem is related to yaml and psych. There is a related