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May 7th, 2020

My wife and I are having a terrific time here in London doing some gardening. We have a walled garden so we didn't expect any critters to snatch our food.

Expectations... expectations... what can I say? I now accept that there is some little critter munching on our radish greens and the two cantaloupe seedlings we had. I'm guessing its a mouse.

Enter the mousetrap. And the Mousecam. Its mainly used as a cat cam, to check on our darlings while we're away. We can watch them sleep, wake up, and take a stroll across the room. It is fun. Here's an example:

The camera is wifi and powered by USB. I hooked it up to a portable battery and its now watching our garden. Here's a video taken recently:

We haven't captured the mouse yet, on camera or in a trap. The plan is to catch it using a live capture trap and release it across the street in a small park. I'll add updates if anything happens. The cam has been up for about a day and there has been no mouse action.

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