Zenburn tmux

October 23rd, 2012

For many moons I've been using vim and tmux with the desert theme, but things just didn't seem right, especially when I would try using zenburn. The colors were totally off.

I can't remember where I found the solution, but this is what's working for me:

  • Start tmux with TERM=xterm-256color
  • No need for set -g default-terminal "xterm"
  • set t_Co=256 in ~/.vim/config/display.vim (per vim_config layout)
  • colorscheme zenburn in the same

Hope that helps.

An Update and A Note Aside: "xterm stole my ctrl + shift key combo"

I had an odd computer occurrence recently - my ctrl + shift key combo stopped working, so I could not longer copy and paste to and from terminal emulator windows.

It turns out that when I was troubleshooting zenburn I installed xterm to check out zenburn colors in it, and that was the culprit.

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