Open Source Video Editing Software

June 15th, 2012

I've been watching a lot online video lately, espectially TED (technology, education, and design) videos - they are very good quality! I've also been recording some short videos of my life to share with friends and family on social networking sites.

The organization I work with is also getting interested in and actually leveraging the power of online video to better engage and communicate with our members.

In short, online video has come of age, and is really awesome.

To many, this has been obvious for quite some time! YouTube and their competitors have been bursting at the seams with UGC (user generated content), and perhaps that's why its taken me awhile to tap in - some, err - a lot, of UGC is not that compelling or interesting.

And so thanks to some comments on an old post here on Docunext about Hyperengine AV, I got interested in the current state of open source video editing software.

Turns out there is some decent open source video editing products out there! The first one that really caught my attention was kdenlive.

Alas for me, as the name would suggest, its a KDE package, and thus has a lot of requirements that I, as a GNOME used, do not have. So I have to postpone its installation, but if anyone out there has tried it, I'd love to hear some personal opinions about it.

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