Remove Zentom System Guard

September 3rd, 2011

The process of removing Zentom System Guard sucked so badly in my experience. Everything I tried was foiled:

  • Unable to start task manager
  • Unable to uninstall it via the control panel

The only thing that kind of worked was powershell, and then launching the task manager from administrative tools.

Too bad there are just as many crappy websites out there selling and offering software that could be just as obnoxious as Zentom System Guard.

I thought Windows 7 had resolved this issue of malware that affects Microsoft operating systems. Apparently not.

I think I was able to remove Zentom. One of the tactics they use is to randomize the name of the executable. In my place, it was: kocinc700k.exe. Perhaps the publisher stays the same. For me it was Innoware Corp. - apparently a real company but from what I gather has nothing to do with software.

UPDATE: I've since completely rebuilt this machine using the restore functionality included by Lenovo.

So far, so good, but I do note that since I've now enabled Windows auto-upgrades, the notebook reboots unexpectedly and its very annoying.

In the future I might try Malwarebytes.

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