can t convert Pathname to String TypeError

September 13th, 2011

I'm revamping an old Sinatra app I built and unfortunately I'm running into this odd error:

can't convert Pathname to String (TypeError)

It was occurring due to the octopussy gem, which I believe uses the httparty gem.

I haven't figured it out yet, but based upon some initial searches, it looks like this has to do with rubygems in some way. I noted that some folks ran into it when using bundler, as well.

When I commented out octopussy from my Gemfile, I was able to install the rest of the required gems with bundler.

I was only using the Octopussy gem in one of the Docunext Lab Experiments, so it isn't a big deal. In fact I've made a lot of improvements to those experiments lately; representing a much more important change to that game. In particular, I'm now using the amazon_product gem by hakanensari instead of the older ruby-aaws gem (that apparently doesn't work with Amazon's new query requirements). I also updated the mongo gem, which resulted in having to use BSON::ObjectId instead of Mongo::ObjectID.

Thankfully, for both gems, I had wrapped the interface with svxbox, so I was able to swap out the gem and the method in only one place. :-)

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