Ubuntu 10.10 Is Terrific WOW

May 3rd, 2011

As luck would have it, I decided today that I wanted to switch from using the fgrlx proprietary ATI video graphics driver to the preferable open source driver radeon.

Like most of the luck I've had, it was not without a challenge - or with surprises!

When I switched video drivers, my X11 screen was fuzzy. After some research, it appeared that the most appropriate next step was to upgrade the kernel. So I did, and it worked (works). But what about Firefox 4?

Firefox 4 is an amazing upgrade. Little did I know that upgrading to Firefox 4 would transition my state to an X server without any input capabilities - i.e. UPGRADE TO 10.10 - mouse and keyboard not working. Right - nowhere and nohow.

What next? A recovery boot - netroot - to upgrade everything to the "N-stage" of Ubuntu:

apt-get dist-upgrade

A long time later... my machine boots up... and works... but my AWESOME WINDOW MANAGER is GONE!!!!

But wait, this environment is not bad. Wow, its good!

Update = Not Awesome

So after enjoying natty for a moment, I found myself wanting AWESOMe back immensely, so I found this, which brought me back to normal gnome, but no awesome. Ugh.

Update #2 - Its Not That Hard

I shouldn't have scorned so easily - its actually not that difficult to get the Lua-energized Awesome window manager cooperating with Gnome in ubuntu 11.xometin aka natty the narwhale.

Or at least it wasn't too bad for me. Here's what I wrote on launchpad:

Albert Lash wrote 2 hours ago: #7 Same here... I upgraded to FF4, then had to upgrade to natty, enjoyed the new GUI for a bit, then needed my awesome wm back, so I logged into Ubuntu Gnome classic from gdm, only to find awesome gone. :-( Hopefully I can figure it out. If I do, I'll post back. If I can't, I'll check back! Albert Lash wrote 2 hours ago: #8 That wasn't so bad... I restarted, chose awesome from the environment menu option list at the bottom of the login screen - that produced awesome, but no gnome, so I restarted, chose Ubuntu Classic - (not the "no effects" choice). Note: I also set awesome as my window manager again with gconf in the midst of all that:


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