Major Plans Special Thanks to Debian and Ubuntu

May 6th, 2011
  1. Install debian GNU/linux "squeeze" on big, BIG, iron.
  2. Refine with a xen kernel and recommended hypervisor tools.
  3. Build a virtual machine that takes advantage of para-virtualization, allowing itself to boot an independent OS, more particularly debian GNU/linux with the custom kernel supporting OpenVZ.
  4. Unleash hordes of OS-podz.
  5. Build well balanced diets, profit, improve, scale; repeat.

The above is just an order of random thoughts about how awesome debian GNU/Linux is, as well as Xen, not much more.

But guess what? I am thinking of doing a presentation of virtualization one of these days. It will be very good, and will include qemu, kqemu, kvm, xen, hypervisors, para-virtualization, containers openvz, and lxc.

I'd also like to do a presentation on GNU/Linux, in general, but with a special focus on debian and ubuntu (in my humble opinion, debian and of course friends have made the impossible more than possible - they have continue to redefine what it means to achieve greatness in the field of computing; ubuntu and of course friends are doing a terrificly remarkable job of letting the world know).

Thanks to all the contributors, seriously.

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