Facebook and Goldman Sachs

January 3rd, 2011

The media is reporting that Facebook and Goldman Sachs are becoming friends.

Why? There are rules about how corporations are structured, and apparently Facebook is reaching a critical mass of shareholders and they could be forced to go public. This would of course involve the SEC, but might also involve the IRS.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Facebook and whether or not they will go public, but there is something else I find very interesting: the fact that new internet companies can still start and grow as fast as Facebook and Groupon.

How cool is that?

Maybe not so cool. Think about the much reported acquisition offer from Google to buy Groupon for billions and billions of dollars. Rumor has it that Groupon turned them down on their offer due to anti-trust lawsuits. Who can forget when the Justice Department took Microsoft to court for being a monopoly?

UPDATE: News reports are now stating that Goldman Sachs has invested $450 million in Facebook. W00t!

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