Debian Squeeze Networking and Sysv rc

January 12th, 2011

I've been running Squeeze for awhile, and like most Debian "testing" systems, it has been running fairly smoothly.

However, today I ran into a problem with OpenVZ, the kernel, udev, and sysv-rc.

Seems that some combination of an update or some other, my network interfaces would not start. I believe that this was caused primarily by an update to udev without and update to the kernel, or to sysv-rc.

I'm running apt-get upgrade now, and I'm very hopeful that one of the updates will fix the problem. I'm very glad I had KVMOIP setup, as the server was simply offline, and its about 8 hours away. :-(

Once I was able to access the console, the usual command did nothing:

/etc/init.d/networking restart

Instead, I issued the following commands:

ifconfig eth0 netmask up
route add default gw eth0
ifconfig lo

Good, back online.

How to Restart Networking in Debian Squeeze

So if networking restart does not work, what does? A little research turns up this:

invoke-rc.d networking restart

Nope, still no luck on why no networking in starting on this machine. It has other problems, so I can't diagnose at the moment.

The server at least needs a new CMOS battery (CR2302), and after that, I plan to do a complete re-install of Debian Squeeze, including a change from RAID5 to RAID10.


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