Additional Information Regarding Google Apps for Business

December 28th, 2010

I'm writing this post as a quick follow-up to my recent review of Google Apps for Business, adding an additional, external, link and a note-to-self to read it in more detail.

After providing significant support for Google Apps for Business, I have to say I'm very disappointed about an apparent incompatibility with Outlook 2007 and Gmail's delete functionality. In a nutshell - there is no trash folder, and that is unacceptable to some of my customers.

While the nominal fee and the reliability of the service is fantastic, it may be that a standard IMAP service, something like Dovecot, on a rock-solid network would work better for some of my clients' uses, even if it is more expensive.

Anyway, the additional link I referred to is by Mez:

Why Google Apps might not be right for your Enterprise

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