Old Hosting Notes

November 7th, 2010

I'm cleaning up some business notes and decided to move these here.


  • Web Site
  • Shopping cart
  • Ecommerce

PLAN: Figure out exactly who we want to target exactly and what price range we'd like to be in. Then review our costs (mostly bandwidth and hard-drive space). Finally decide what hosting packages to offer.

Marketing mix: product, price, promotion, placement


Setup server(s)

*Note that 1Mbps transfers aprox 324GB/mo (both directions)


  • Shared hosting - cPanel, email, web, ftp, ssh?, one domain per account
  • Price: $24.95 premium bandwidth, power, monitoring
  • Promotion: discounts, direct sales, referrals, advertisements
  • Placement: online, mailings, yellow pages


  • Advertise special product offerings on
  • Current clients and contacts
  • Local businesses - Great revenue and awesome clients.
  • Family and Friends


We need a website, integrate with a shopping cart and credit card processsing ability (ecommerce - might be a cheaper alternative for now). Orders can be setup manually for now, I don't think we need an automated system at this point.

The server itself, would have CentOS or a comparable distro on it that's free. We want a decent supported lifetime. Once installed, and we have the IP address that it's going to go on. We then purchase the cpanel license (based on IP) and install cpanel.

Since we will be hosting budget customers, I don't think we need to go all out on DNS servers. This can be done on the hosting machine, we just need two IPs for the nameservers.

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