XPS Disappoints Me

October 30th, 2010

What is XPS?

I had never heard of XPS prior to today when I tried to print a document from Internet Explorer to a file, preferably PDF, but Postscript would have been acceptable as well.

Based upon some web pages I found through Google when searching for a utility to convert an xps document to a format usable on GNU/Linux, I was led to believe that xps was a failed effort on the part of Microsoft to replace pdf.

Is There No Way To Convert it to PDF Using Open Source Software?

I was also led to believe that there is little to no support for xps on GNU/Linux.

There are commercial tools with names that sound like open source packages, like xps2pdf. Thanks, but no thanks, I'd rather support the open source community by using open source software, writing documentation, reporting bugs, and contributing code.

What now?

I guess I'll have to leave the xps documents I created on the Windows machine now. I don't really want to do anything with them, I just want to save and file them. I will deal with it later.

I've had bad numerous bad experiences with proprietary file formats in the past, including scenarios where the owner of the specification goes out of business (or bought) and the format is discontinued, so I just did a quick check to make sure that XPS is supported on Windows 7. It is, so XPS should be around for at least five years - I hope!

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