Debian GNU Hurd and a Universal Installer

September 19th, 2010

Planet Debian recently featured a post by Obey Arthur Liu about the Google Summer of Code.

The section about the Debian GNU/Hurd port by Jérémie Koenig especially interested me. It included work on a cross-platform Busybox port and the "de-Linux-ization" of the Debian installer, which will definitely help other ports:

  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
  • Debian GNU/kNetBSD
  • Debian GNU/Minix

What about the possibility of using a different set of userland tools besides the GNU tools? Perhaps we'll see a port like this:

  • Debian BusyBox/Linux

Who knows??

I also found the section about Config::Model very cool as well. I'm very interested to see how this project coordinates with etckeeper, Augeas, and Puppet.

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