Blackberry Not Receiving Emails RESOLVED

August 16th, 2010

A client just called up with a question about their email service, specifically their Blackberry device was not receiving emails and they were wondering if I could help.

While I've setup Blackberries to receive email before, I'm not too familiar with troubleshooting them. So what to do when your Blackberry isn't receiving emails? I did some internet spelunking and found some advice: fully reboot your phone!

So I advised my client - if you want to get your Blackberry to start receiving email once again, try fully rebooting it, and by fully rebooting it, I mean:

  1. Turn off the Blackberry
  2. Remove the battery from the Blackberry
  3. Leave the battery out for at least thirty seconds
  4. Put the battery back in the Blackberry and turn it on

While mileage may vary, this solution restored the email service to my client's Blackberry. :-)

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