Ruby YAML and Nesta

January 30th, 2010

I'm hacking up my forked version of Nesta and right now I'm wrestling with YAML.

In particular, I've never seen this syntax:

    def self.google_analytics_code

I get the idea - its setting an object variable based upon the runtime environment (development, production, test). Its the parentheses and the square brackets that confuse me. I'm used to functions and methods getting parameters inside of parentheses, not both parentheses and square brackets.

The get method for the Configuration class is this:

      def self.get(key, default = {})
        configuration[key].nil? ? default : configuration[key]

Where does the environment fit in? I've searched for Ruby YAML configuration environment without luck, so now I'm searching for private ruby class methods.

Orion Edwards has made interesting comment on about []:

There is also a convention that it is used as a class method in the same way you might use a static Create method in C# or Java.

Interesting, I recall now that [] is actually a method in itself. Its interesting, but not a solution for my problem.

My goal is the get a hash object, not a string value for a key. If the key does not exist, I'd like to return a default hash object.

This appears to be the best explanation of whats up:

Actually, that is from 2008 and seems a bit-outdated.

OK, I think I figured it out. Its times like these when I disagree with the purported advantages of YAML. This is what I ended up with:

    def self.cache
      #configuration[self.environment]["cache"].nil? ? ['cache_enabled' => false] : configuration[self.environment]["cache"]
      #get((environment)["cache"], { 'cache_enabled' => false })
      conf.fetch(self.environment, conf).fetch('cache', { 'cache' => { 'cache_enabled' => false } })

And cleaned up:

    def self.cache
      conf.fetch(self.environment, conf).fetch('cache', { 'cache' => { 'cache_enabled' => false } })

Hmmmm. Seems a bit complicated, but not bad.

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