In My Opinion NewBay Media LLC is a SPAMMER

January 16th, 2010

NewBay Media LLC is in my opinion a clear and abusive spammer. I believe they obtained my email address from the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and that is really lame.

Even though I never provided NewBay Media LLC with my email address, I let them know that I did not want to receive emails from them by "managing my subscription" and checking all the boxes that I could to stop them from sending me anything.

Today they sent me another email from Keyboard magazine. I again unsubscribed from their e-preferences, but I doubt its the last I'll hear from them.

Who is NewBay? The website says that this is the management team:

  • Steve Palm
  • Paul Mastronardi
  • Carmel King
  • Eric Trabb
  • Adam Goldstein
  • John Pledger
  • Larry Dunn
  • Marcia Grand
  • Joe Ferrick
  • Denise Robbins
  • Greg Topf
  • Ray Vollmer
  • Jack Liedke

Doing a little investigation, it turns out that NewBay is owned by Wicks Group:

  • Craig B. Klosk
  • Matthew E. Gormly III
  • Daniel M. Kortick
  • Daniel L. Black
  • Jamie M. Weston
  • E. Sue Cho
  • E.J. Sloboda
  • Max von Zuben
  • Adam W. Crider
  • Thomas P. Kearney III
  • Lauren Grzebien
  • Kevin F. Brady
  • Carter F. Bales
  • Edgar R. Berner


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