Facebook Privacy and Facebook Applications

January 27th, 2010

I value my privacy and I like staying connected with my friends and family.

In this regard, I find Facebook (and the internet in general) to be a good and bad thing - it helps me stay connected, but it also dilutes the control I have over who gets to know what about me.

One thing that people might not understand is that Facebook applications by third party developers are looking to gain access to otherwise potentially private information. By using these applications, Facebook people might be inadvertently or unknowingly be divulging information to otherwise total strangers.

In my experience, I've never been interested in any of the games or third party apps offered by Facebook. I have to believe that some of them are relentless in their nagging of my friends to add more people to their database as I've gotten too many invites to use applications I have no interest for.

Thankfully, Facebook allows me to block applications!

Here's a list of Facebook apps I've blocked:

  • Owned!
  • (Lil) Blue Cove
  • Pass a Drink
  • (Lil) Green Patch
  • What breed of dog are you?
  • Old Friends
  • Which character from the Dr. Seuss books are you?
  • Fundraising
  • Friends Forever
  • Interview
  • Kidnap!
  • Best Friends
  • My Rock/Metal/Punk
  • Who Has The Biggest Brain?
  • Mandalas
  • Which 80's band are you?
  • Causes

If you are interested in Facebook stuff, check out another website I setup called ""!

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