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Dovecot and LDAP

June 30th, 2010

I'm really itching to switch from Courier to Dovecot for IMAP access. While I'm at it, I'm planning to phase out POP3.

Instead of MySQL, I want to use LDAP - its lighter and simpler and just as easy to replicate.

I'll continue to use Postfix; and that way I can migrate from CDB to LDAP too.

My plan to switch to Dovecot will likely go like this:

  1. Setup a new openvz container
  2. Install dovecot and configure it
  3. Setup LDAP
  4. Migrate my mail directories
  5. Re-route my incoming email

I've done this before so it shouldn't be too bad.

UPDATE: I've done it! Most of my notes are over at the Docunext Wiki, so check 'em out:

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