I’m very impressed with the latest version of pfSense: 2.0!

The feature I’ve been most looking forward to is the ability to create GRE tunnels, but after installing it on an extra ALIX board I had lying around, I found some other features that are really awesome!

Load Balancing

The new version of pfSense uses relayd replaces slbd for load balancing - and that includes the ability to probe pool members with ICMP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, or SMTP.

GRE Tunnels

The GRE tunnel setup is located in the interfaces section:


I haven’t scratched the surface yet with NanoBSD, but from what little I’ve read on the topic, its great news for the embedded version of pfSense.

GLXSB Driver

The new version of pfSense also includes the glxsb driver! This is good news for owners of ALIX boards.