Simple Defects, the distributed issue tracking system written in Perl with hooks into Git, has been on my radar screen for awhile. I’ve installed it and run a few tests and it worked well, but I just don’t have the familiarity I want to have with Perl yet.

I started to look around for a Ruby-based equivalent to SD and found this article by Tom Morris.

I haven’t fully tested it out yet, but it sounds terrific. Its open source, and the code is available at Gitorious:

Its a Ruby forge project too:

More pages about ditz:

Hmm… I’ve run into a little trouble with ditz:

multiple assignment in conditional (SyntaxError)

I’ve forked it and might have fixed the issues…. DOH!

/home/albertlash/src/docu-ditz/lib/ditz.rb:71:in `run_pager': uninitialized constant PLATFORM (NameError)

It has to do with WIN32 so I just deleted it, but actually I’ll comment it out. Yup, looks like its working OK now….

Tracker looks nice too!

Looking around at ditz some more I see its actually quite an interesting little package. It uses yaml for marshalling / serializing the issue objects in the git repository. With respect to Git, I really like the idea of using flat files for storage, and even combining files to keep management simpler. With a command line parser / interface, it totally makes sense.

But why YAML? Personally I would have preferred XML or JSON, but not a problem - it might even be possible to change which serialization method it uses.

Ooooh - there is a fresher fork of ditz stuff (and patches too):

Looks like there might even be a sinatra app in there!

Another good reason I like JSON:

CONCLUSION: I think Ditz just might be the direction I want to go!