I like fixing things, so tracking down memory leaks and patching them is fun for me.

In the past I’ve done this using GTop in Aortica (a port of Nexista to Perl):

    my $mem = GTop->new->proc_mem($$)->share/1024;
    my $proc_mem = GTop->new->proc_mem($$)->size/1024;
    my $diff     = $proc_mem - $mem;
    my $shared   = GTop->new->proc_mem($$)->vsize/1024;
    my $memory = " Shared: ".$mem." Total: ".$proc_mem." PID: ".$$ ;

I can’t find an exact match for GTop in Ruby, so I might just use the command line based top for now. I can use it to monitor a unicorn process id and watch if the memory it uses grows. It can even be run from within Sinatra:

get '/runtime/info' do
    `pmap #{Process.pid} | tail -1`[10,40].strip

The “God” process monitor caught my attention. Its way more than I am looking for at the moment. It even looks like it might be able to replace how I’m using daemontools.