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December 17th, 2009

Just fixed a SquirrelMail installation. I guess the latest SquirrelMail update on Debian caused some conflicts between the courier_vacation plugin and the compatibility plugin.

I edited the courier vacation options file:

   if (defined('SM_PATH'))
      include_once(SM_PATH . 'plugins/compatibility/functions.php');
   else if (file_exists('../plugins/compatibility/functions.php'))
   else if (file_exists('./plugins/compatibility/functions.php'))
//   if (compatibility_check_sm_version(1, 3))
   if (1==2)
      include_once (SM_PATH . 'include/validate.php');
      include_once (SM_PATH . 'functions/page_header.php');
      include_once (SM_PATH . 'include/load_prefs.php');
      include_once (SM_PATH . 'plugins/courier_vacation/config.php');
      include_once ('../include/validate.php');
      include_once ('../functions/page_header.php');
      include_once ('../include/load_prefs.php');
      include_once ('../plugins/courier_vacation/config.php');

On my debian machine, the file is located here:


SquirrelMail isn't a perfect webmail system, but its the one that I use. And the courier vacation plugin is actually pretty good, as well as the change password plugin.

Now that I think of it, I'm going to setup some Git repositories of SquirrelMail.


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