XML Schema and Trang

November 25th, 2009

I'm working on database models defined in XML, aka data model schema, and I've decided to use XML schema to specify how they should be modeled.

A little background: I'm basing the model off of how MDB2 from PHP's PEAR generates an XML representation of a data model. I've made some minor modifications, and want to document them.

In learning about XML schema (xsd), I found trang. Its a Java utility which can infer an XML schema from an XML document. Cool! It can even generate a DTD!

Here's how I used it:

trang -I xml -O xsd data_model.xml data_model.xsd

The result can be found at


SIDE NOTE: Its unfortunate that the word schema is causing a clash here. Its a useful word in both contexts but they really refer to different concepts.

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