Sinatra Helpers Rack Middleware and Gems

November 30th, 2009

Sinatra Helpers

I had just about finished my first Sinatra helper module (Sinatra-XSLView) when I realized what I was trying to achieve would be better written as a Rack Middleware module. Oh well, it was still a useful exercise, and it may prove to be useful in ways I hadn't originally foreseen.

Rack Middleware

My experience with Rack Middleware has been tumultuous. I'm surprised I didn't give up on it out of frustration, and I'm glad I persisted. I'm also surprised that someone hasn't written a n XSL transformation filter rack middleware module yet, and I'm also glad I've been able to write one. I'm now re-formatting it to rack middleware standards.


Sinatra-XSLView and Rack-XSLView can be packaged as gems, and I'd like to do so. I've never packaged a gem before, but I've created Debian and PEAR packages before. Hopefully those experiences will help.

Like Debian and PEAR, there are many gem repositories. Unlike the Debian and PEAR repositories I have used, there appear to be several public / aggregate gem repositories, including:

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