Another PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

November 3rd, 2009

I thought this fix suggesting the problem was caused by a missing symlink in /etc/rcS.d but unfortunately that didn't fix the problem.

I have this in my /etc/fstab, but for whatever reason that still isn't working right. I'll have to keep logging in like this:

ssh mymachine "bash -e"

and then mounting /dev/pts manually. Strange, but true. FYI, this is on debian machine.

UPDATE: I scanned /var/log/syslog for udev errors and found this:

kernel: udev: missing sysfs features; please update the kernel or disable the kernel's CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option; udev may fail to work correctly

I updated to 2-6-30 and was able to login without any issues. I still have devpts in my fstab, so I guess I should remove it and test it again. I'll do it next week. :-)

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