Another Comcast Outage

November 1st, 2009

My Comcast network went offline last night around 2AM and is still offline. I called Comcast Business Support again this morning and they said they were completely unable to contact the modem.

I explained that this has happened a couple of times since the modem was replaced about a month ago. The CSR was actually really informative, and explained that the problems might be caused by a faulty tap grounding.

Unfortunately, once we're back online, I'm going to proceed with my previous plans to shutdown the network.

In the past its been quite reliable, but now its just not worth it, even if they fix the faulty ground. The 768k upstream is pathetic compared to the upstream bandwidth available with other carriers.

I just checked the Comcast site and it appears that they've bumped up the speed to 1Mbps for the starter package, and 2Mbps for the preferred package. I believe that I have the preferred, so I'm going to double check the capacity of my line before cancelling it.

Strange, I just checked my bill and my service is listed as "Business Class Service Standard". I pay $95 / month plus $15 / month for 13 static IP addresses.

That's odd, because I just checked their website and it lists two packages:

  • Basic for $59.95 6Mbps / 1Mbps
  • Deluxe for $89.95 16Mbps / 2Mbps

So I'm not sure which package I have. Either way, I am upset that they are overcharging my business.

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