The Flashless iPhone

October 5th, 2009

Its hilarious to me that the iPhone doesn't have Flash on it. Many rumors abound as to why, but do I care?

Nope - I don't have an iPhone and I'm not too keen on getting one. I have a fine cell phone which is able to get charged by a standard mini-USB cable. I have a netbook, a Nokia 800, and plenty of laptops.

I've been a huge Mac fan for years, especially when the went an open source route for their kernel and supporting userland tools. For Apple, keeping the iPhone tightly controlled and closed is a great idea. As far as I know, its making them oodles of money and has brought their brand and user experience to more users than I would have ever expected. For me though, its just not the right phone.

In the future, I'll probably get a phone with an open source operating system. In doing so, I'll get to be in control of hardware that I own. I'd also love to get a Nokia n900.

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