Redbot Sniffs HTTP Headers

October 30th, 2009

Mnot created the cacheability engine moons ago and I've always appreciated the functionality it offers. However, whenever I got the inspiration to contribute to it, I'd reread the wacky and restricted license and they forget about it.

Today I came up with the idea to recreate similar functionality using Ruby. I did a quick search on ruby cacheability engine to see if anyone has already done so. Lo and behold, Mnot has with Redbot! Its not exactly the same as the cacheability engine, but it still provides helpful information.

Another awesome surprise: Redbot is developed using git and more importantly it is MIT licensed. When I say surprise, I mean it. I wrote to mnot years ago requesting a license change for the cacheability engine but received no reply.

Thank you very much for sharing.

UPDATE: I don't know why I thought Redbot was programmed in Ruby. Its not, its programmed in Python like the cacheability engine. Still kudos on the license!

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