Considering a New Docunext Series Behind the Firewall

October 31st, 2009

I've grappled with running public and private network services on public and private networks for many years. While my setup remains far from perfect, its really starting to take shape as a reliable and manageable configuration.

Because I feel like my situation is fairly common and that the strategies that I and many others have employed to fix the situation are poorly organized and only somewhat well documented, I'm considering a new Docunext Series called "Behind the Firewall: Public and Private Services CAN Get Along".

Some random ideas:

  • What to do when your webserver wants to access a service that is hosted on itself when the hostname is defined by a public DNS record which points to a public IP address?
  • How to securely and conveniently access a local area network from the outside?

Defining the series:

  • History - Public vs. Private, Limited IPv4 space, Local Area Networks, Firewalls, and Network Address Translation
  • Bridging the Divide - Virtual Private Networks
  • Microcosms - Using Internet Theories on the LAN
  • Bridging the Divide Part II - Proxies, Host Names, Tunnels, and Recursion
  • Security - Network Based Security, Access Control Lists, SASL, and Working with Dynamic IP Addresses
  • Conclusion - Looking Forward to IPv6
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