APCC Smart UPS 1000VA

October 23rd, 2009

I've sent in a support request for my APCC Smart-UPS 1000VA:


My Smart-UPS 1000VA no longer works, and I tried to diagnose the problem but the batteries inside have warped and cannot be removed. Please advise.

  • Albert


UPDATE: APCC did respond back with some suggestions (letting the unit cool down, flip it upside down), but I'd already tried everything. I wrote them back:

"Hi, I got your responses but I had already tried everything. The device has been unplugged for several weeks and the batteries aren't getting any cooler. They are just so warped their middle section is rounder bigger than the rectangle slot they are meant to slide out of. The only way I could imaging that they could come out is if the entire unit is disassembled. Please tell me how I can exchange this one."
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