My Little Forum

July 4th, 2009

Wow - I just came across "My Little Forum" and I'm totally impressed! I just downloaded the source and can't wait to dig into it.

In a nutshell, its a super simple forum system. It is quite different than a lot of other forums I've seen lately, including PhunkyBB, and I believe its more of a "2ch" style forum, like Kareha and Shiichan.

As I recently stated, I'm planning to add openid to phunkybb ASAP, and I really need to add anonymous posting as well.

UPDATE - I'm reviewing the code and noticed a few things:

  • It uses scriptaculous and prototype
  • It uses geshi, akismet, bad-behavior, and smarty (all good packages imho)
  • Database has eleven tables
This looks like a great package for general use! I'm not going to use it though, as obviously I'm partial to PhunkyBB, but I'm going to try and learn from their impressively simple interface design.
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