Migrating to Dovecot

July 6th, 2009

I'm planning to migrate away from Courier to Dovecot - not set in stone, but I'm 99% there.

Why? The following reasons:

  • Sieve support
  • Really flexible authentication support - I'll probably use SQLite because Cyrus Sasl also supports it, so Postfix can directly authenticate through it
  • Actually, Dovecot can act as a sasl authentication server itself, so Postfix doesn't even need Cyrus Sasl - wow!
  • Occasionally customers' Outlook versions will have issues with Courier, though Outlook IMAP support has been laughably bad in my experience
  • I figured out how to get CRAM-MD5 AUTH working with Dovecot!

This will take awhile, as I'm planning to revisit my entire email services setup.

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