VPS Hosting Reviews

June 8th, 2009

I'm happy to say that I signed up for a RapidXen account and I'm very pleased. I think its one of the best deals out there. My only complaint is that there seem to be some zombie machines hitting the server - perhaps because the last inhabitant of the ip address was setup insecurely? Who knows.

I've also signed up for a VPSLink OpenVZ account, which I'm not too pleased with. I've used them before and found the performance to be lacking. I had signed up for this because they offer a lot of bandwidth, but I'm afraid its Dreamhost type of deal: the server isn't fast enough to deliver the bandwidth promised.

Lastly, I also signed up for a account and I'm also quite pleased with it. I chose their facility in the United Kingdom and its nice and speedy.

I still want to try out a account.

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