sitecopy Error Could not connect to server svn OPTIONS of http could not connect to server http

June 4th, 2009

Looks like the new version of sitecopy in Squeeze is having problems. I get this error:

sitecopy: Error: Could not connect to server...

I did a quick search and someone else is having the same problem. Doh!

I downgraded to the one from Etch, which requires libneon26, and that works.

Hmmm, I think whatever is wrong here might be due to libneon27, as I'm not able to use svn either!

This might be the problem: Debian Bug report logs - #531338 :: svn: OPTIONS of 'http://...': could not connect to server (http://...)

Yup, needed to update libneon27 and libneon27-gnutls from sid.

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