NCache is an NGINX Module for Caching Proxied HTTP Responses

March 1st, 2009

Ncache is a caching module for nginx, similar to varnish. I just installed it using my modified nginx debian build script, and it was a little tough to get going. I kept getting this error:

2009/02/28 23:57:49 [emerg] 5579#0: ncache_index_fd < 0
2009/02/28 23:57:49 [emerg] 5579#0: ncache_http_proxy_shm_hash_init error

I poked around the code for a little bit, and found this:

ncache_index_fd = open( NGX_PREFIX"/logs/ncache_index",O_RDWR);

The problem is that they are using NGX_PREFIX, which isn't configured with the debian build script. It defaults to /usr/local/nginx. As a temporary workaround, I created /usr/local/nginx/logs/ and chowned to www-data. That fixed the problem.

Another small issue I ran into was the shell script to create the cache directories, but thankfully someone contributed a solution.

I'll probably fork this and make lots of changes to learn more about caching and nginx modules. I've added a wiki page about it here.

Unfortunately I still had problems getting this to work. :-(

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