Here are a few Squid version 3 configuration notes I’ve take lately.

Starting Squid HTTP Proxy 3.0: squid32009/12/15 11:01:38| WARNING: '' is a subnetwork of ''
2009/12/15 11:01:38| WARNING: because of this '' is ignored to keep splay tree searching predictable
2009/12/15 11:01:38| WARNING: You should probably remove '' from the ACL named 'localhost'

To avoid this log warning, I’ve removed the localhost settings from the configuration. If I find any problems, I’ll adjust it. UPDATE: Yes, this setting is required for accessing squid from the localhost. I changed to and its fine now. Its not the best fix, but it quiets squid3 a bit.

I also edited the negative ttl for http responses of “not found”, and similar:

negative_ttl 10 seconds

It defaults to five minutes! That seems illogical to me, but perhaps that’s what most systems use.