I’m converting the Green Computing wiki to Ikiwiki.

cat blah2 | awk '{print $1, $1}' | sed -r "s/([^ ]+)$/\L\1/"  | sed -r "s/(\ [^\(]+)\(/\1__40__/" | sed -r "s/(\ [^\)]+)\)/\1__41__/" | awk '{ print "wget -q \"http://www.docunext.com/wiki/index.php?title=" $1 "&action=raw\" -O " $2 ".mdwn" }'

UPDATE: This ended up working out OK. I based my efforts off the tips at the ikiwiki site. I’m refraining from using the MediaWiki markup plugin, and instead converting everything to markdown, which by the way I’m become a very big fan of. I still keep meaning to put discount into place!

More information: