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Chrome Update

October 31st, 2009

Chrome, the browser from Google, continues to rock my world. Its insanely fast and "just works".

Kudos to the entire development team.

Two minor complaints / feature requests:

  • Can I see more of the URL in the area where the status bar when rolling over a link? It only shows about the first 60 or so characters. Why?
  • Printing to a file doesn't work for me - it crashes, but its not Chrome's fault, my system is mis-configured. Iceweasel does the same thing.

Also of note, I'm also using the allproxy and noproxy environment variables and they work fine. (See this post @docunext: XDM + libpam_ssh + AwesomeWM + gnome-keyring-daemon + gentoo keychain + nm-applet)

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