Just canceled my VPS Link Account. I just wasn’t using it because the latency was not very low and even though the machine supposedly had access to 512MB of memory it wasn’t enough to run Varnish. Also, I felt it wasn’t worth the extra expense when compared to the other, lower priced VPS companies I’ve been working with lately.

I’m planning on setting up another Linode VPS soon, though I’m still getting good results from RapidXen, VPS Ville, and Slicehost.

However, I may  end up going with prgmr.com. I’ve wanted to try them out for awhile, though I’ve been hesitant simply because they only accept PayPal. Ah wait - looks like they accept checks now! Good, I’ll try one month via PayPal if I can use a credit card and then will pay by check in an effort to simplify my bookkeeping tasks.