I’ve finally canceled the accounts I had previously registered with MySpace and Friendster. Why? Actually for many reasons.

  • They don't provide the level of privacy I would like.
  • MySpace has an obnoxious amount of advertisements.
  • Friendster has always behaved in a "buggy" manner when I use it.

While I was at it, I drastically increased my Facebook privacy settings. Its not so much that I don’t want people to be able to know who I am, but more that I do not want websites to publish information about me without my permission. Yes, its a control thing. I have am technically capable and even have a personal blog. If someone needs to find out information about me, I’d rather they go to the source, rather than some untrusted third party.

I also contacted Spoke to demand that they remove the pictures and text about me that they are reproducing without my permission. In this case, copyright comes in handy.

Its for reasons like these that made the Facebook Licensing Agreement so absurd. If they didn’t return to the prior reasonable terms, I would have removed a lot of the data that I had uploaded, and simply linked to it from there.