Software in the Public Interest

December 17th, 2008

Is it possible to join SPI? Is it a group, or a corporation? I'm not sure... so I'm emailing someone who I think might know:

Hi MJ, I've been meaning to apply to become a member of SPI, and when I saw your post today at Planet Debian, I decided to go for it. I went to the website and can't find a "join" link anywhere. Is donating the same as joining? I seem to remember you posting something about how it was only $25 to join. Did I mis-read a post? Thanks for any information you might have.

Oh yeah I also wanted to ask you if you would consider using PBooks for bookkeeping if I changed the license to GPLv2, Apache, or something else you might recommend.

Thanks again.

Well actually I posted that as a comment on MJ's blog.

UPDATE: MJ responded quickly with the right information, so I joined, and my application was approved. Now I'd like to become a contributing member, so I'll have to supply more information. FYI, the link to apply for membership is:

And its free to join, but donations are always welcome!

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