MacWorld News

December 19th, 2008

The word on the street is that MacWorld, as we know it, is no more. Its surprising news to me, but being from Boston, I'm familiar with this type of news.

Several years ago, Apple said that they were no longer attending MacWorld Boston. It was an upset, but as much of a reputation Boston may have thanks to its history and significance in the story of the United States, its still quite a small city. It pales in comparison to the size of New York, which also has a bunch more creative businesses, which likely use Macintosh computers.

But beyond the importance of of MacWorld, the real kicker is that Steve Jobs will no longer be giving his renown keynote speeches.

Many people have speculated that this is due to Jobs' health, but the company denies such rumors, saying that he's in good health. Not too long ago, there was an obituary accidentally printed for Steve Jobs, but he is still very much alive!

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