After Lenny Goes Stable

November 6th, 2008

I'm really looking forward to Lenny going stable - that's the current "testing" version of Debian. I'm not looking forward to it going stable so much that I can use it - I already am! I'm looking forward to it going stable so I'll have to do fewer updates, and I can start using the next version of testing.

I realize I can use "Sid", which is "unstable", but I'm not keen on that. I've used it in the past and found it just a tiny bit too unstable for me. If I were more involved with Debian development, I would probably use it, but where I am today it just doesn't make sense to me.

So when will Lenny go stable? Its hard to say. Since Debian is primarily a volunteer organization, it is not motivated to get new distributions out the door for profit. If I understand correctly, Debian developers are more concerned with quality and security, and these achievements time. I'm hopeful that Lenny gets released before 2009, but that's only two months away.

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