What s Involved in Web Design

October 25th, 2008

With the economy the way it is, many people are losing their jobs and are being forced to pursue other careers. Even the stalwarts of employment - banks and financial institutions are being forced to make layoffs.

So what about the other, newer, industries? Its been awhile since the tech bubble burst, so what is the story with web design today?

The good news is that the industry is still alive, and that there are plenty of customers willing to pay for good websites to be built. Furthermore, its easier than ever to design and build websites. On the other hand, the market is as competitive as ever! Due to its inherent nature, web design is not geographically-bound, meaning that web designers in the United States have to compete with web designers all over the world, some which offer comparable services at much lower prices.

If you are still interested in pursuing a career in web design, consider the following options:

There are many opportunities to put your skills to work in the field of web design.
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