Yet Another Chrome Review

September 4th, 2008

I admit, I do have a Windows box. At least its a dual-boot. Its a simple laptop, an Everex NC1500 which came with XP Home. I installed Ubuntu on it, and kept XP Home to do testing from time to time. Since Google's Chrome browser doesn't work in linux yet, I downloaded and installed it on XP Home.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it didn't seem much better than Firefox. Hopefully Firefox (and Iceweasel) will get to benefit from Chrome, at least by creating a multi-threaded process and a faster javascript engine. As a developer, one of my favorite things about Firefox is that it is cross-platform. Webkit is getting there, but still isn't there yet.

How will Chrome help developers? My guess is that it will mostly have to do with javascript, and their V8 engine. How does it stack up against the SquirrelFish?

Docunext Wiki Page on Google Chrome

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