C Step 1 Get a compiler

September 26th, 2008

I've decided I want to learn C++. It's a sort of challenge that popped up between my boyfriend and me. We were talking about how a new job opportunity would require him to learn C++. I was curious what tools were out there to help one learn this language with out paying for them. To my surprise I found a very good rudimentary video on youtube.

Thus the challenge came about. I bet him I could learn C++ faster than him. I have no idea if he'll find this motivating or not, but now I'm curious and want to do it for myself more than anything. I'm hoping the video will be relavent help for me as I'm using a mac and the person in the video is using windows. If not there are plenty of resources out there. For me getting started is going to be hardest part. Setting up one's environment is daunting for a total n00b.

The first thing I need is a compiler. I'm currently downloading one from mac called Xcode I hope it's the right thing, because it's taking a while to finish downloading.

UPDATE: The download finished, and now I'm installing. I really hope this was the program I needed.

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