Roaming Internet Access

August 30th, 2008

How do you bring your network with you when you are bouncing around from place to place like I have been lately? Its difficult to have to re-configure the network upon each new arrival, so I've started to bring a portable firewall with me.

I'm still not sure whether this is any better, but I continue to feel that it is. I want to change up my hardware, so that the firewall has two ethernet ports, and two wireless cards. This way I'll be able to deal with almost any internet access I'm presented with.

Right now I only have one ethernet port and two wireless cards, and although it works, I'm sometimes nervous about only having wireless access to the firewall. If something goes wrong, I'll have to dig out the serial null-modem cable to reconfigure it, and unnecessary re-configuring is what I'm trying to avoid.

For the technical aspects of this setup, checkout the post about the portable pfSense firewall VPN at Docunext.

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