July 22nd, 2008

This post from Mak is most welcome:

OpenVZ Debian Linux images

I've been hankering for the power-saving features of 2.6.24+ and the openvz stability of 2.6.18. Looks like 2.6.26 is the way to go! I'm also looking forward to having a distro I can manage and maintain for awhile.

Etch was released while I first became accustomed to Debian and its release process, so I wasn't aware how much care is taken to stability. Inasmuch, I've been embracing testing and unstable for awhile. I'm eager to stick with lenny for at least a few years on my production servers. I'll continue use testing and unstable on my desktop.

But anyway, back to VirtuaLenny, 2.6.26 is going to bring not only openvz to lenny, but also xen and kvm. I'm planning to build a xen machine very soon.


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