Emails to Debian Developers

July 11th, 2008

I'm going to send out two emails to some debian developers today. One to the maintainer of libapache2-mod-xslt, to ask that the module gets compiled without the signature, and to the maintainer of aolserver4-nsxml, to let them know that I'm doing some work on the nsxml.c code, and ask for feedback.

My experience in communicating with debian developers has been good and bad. I've had a great time corresponding with Russell Coker, form Australia, who I find to be polite, intelligent, and clear, if maybe a bit verbose. Unfortunately I've also corresponded with some who I apparently caught on a bad day.

Hopefully these emails go a little bit more like my correspondence with Russell!

Note Bene: As awesome as Debian is, I can't really blame any DDs for being a little gruff with a groupie like me.

Email to Riccardo Setti


I'm emailing with respect to nsxml.c. I've been working on it a bit and think what I've come up with might be useful to others. Is this a package you are actively maintaining? Would you be interested in taking a look at my work?

Thank you,


Whoa - big surprise here! Riccardo is the same DD for libapache2-mod-xslt!

Hi Riccardo,

I just sent you a separate email about aolserver4-nsxml, before realizing you are also the maintainer for libapache2-mod-xslt! Sorry about the double communication.

Anyway, this time I'm emailing about libapache2-modxslt. I was wondering if you would be open to packaging the module so that the module signature is omitted. I find this to be the best library out there, but the comment appended to every page makes such little sense to me I refuse to use it as packaged. I have recompiled it myself several times, but thought I would send you an email expressing my feelings.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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